UNO Basic Rules

Uno is the meaning of "One" in Italian or Spanish. Standard Uno consists of red, yellow, blue and green four colors, including:

0 a total of four for each color
1-9 2 pieces for each color 72 pieces in total

The following is a function card:
Skip (Skipping) 2 of 8 for each color
Reverse A total of 8 sheets of 2 sheets per color
+2 (Draw Two) There are 2 pieces for each color
Wild (color change) No color a total of four
+4 (Wild Draw Four) No color a total of four
Total 108 Zhang

basic rules:

Uno can be played by 2-8 players, each touching seven cards before the start, and then playing the cards clockwise (left-hand) from the first person. The cards must be the same color or number as the card from home, Or a function card (see the "function card" rules below).

If there is a pair of cards, that is, function numbers with the same or same color numbers, you can go out one at a time and the next one will not be affected by a pair of cards.

If the player can not play cards this round touch a card, if the card into the card can not be a card and not a functional card, you can pre-emptive cards before the next card, do not wait for the next round. Players can also choose to take the initiative even if there is a licensing card can be out, but grab the card after the snatch can only be this round of touch into the card.

The first winner of the card in the hands of the winner, but the last card can not be a functional card, if the player's hand in the last one for the function card, even if the original round can be out of the card must also be in the wheel.

The player must say "Uno" (Uno) when they play the last 2 cards in the hand, and if anyone finds that the player has only one card and does not call Uno, the player must touch 2 cards , But if the player in front of others found Uno can be removed without penalty.
If the card touch finished, you can wash out the card out after the touch.

[Optional: If there are players who give advice to other players, the player is fine with 2 shots. ]
[Optional: If there is a player wrong card, then the player fine touch 2. ]

Function card:
Skip: Only with the same color or other color Skip, the dealer's next round stop card.

Reverse: Only with the same color or other color Reverse, the reversal of the direction of the card, from the original card of the dealer started playing.
+2, only with the same color card or other color +2 card, the dealer's home must be fine touch 2 cards and the current stop card. The following ways to avoid the arrival of +2:
+2 after the +2, Penalty count to the next house, if there are two +2, then touch the house under the four cards and stop the round.
After the same color +2 Skip, +2 jump to next home.
After +2 the same color of the Reverse, the +2 back to the house.
After +2 +4, Penalty accumulated to the next house, if there are two +2 and a +4, then the next fine touch 8 cards and stop the round.
The power of +2 vanishes when a player fines and the next house of Penalty continues with the same card with the same +2 color as the last. Can not be other colors +2 or Skip / Reverse (+2 in the process may be someone out of the Skip / Reverse)

Wild: You can play any card other than +2 or +4. The dealer specifies a color, and the player continues to play cards according to the specified color.

+4: Can exit at any time, the dealer's home must be fine touch 4 cards and the current stop card. The dealer specifies a color, under the home of the next home according to the specified color to continue the card. Only +4 after +4 to avoid the +4, Penalty accumulated to the next home.
[Optional: +4 cards must be out of your hand when other cards are out of the game. Those with +4 cards can not follow this rule, but you can challenge the next card with a +4 card On the home, being challenged on the house must give the hand to see the card at home. If the home did not comply with the rules, that is, there is a card out there is also a +4, the penalty by the home, the next home can be spared; if the home is indeed abide by the rules, On the plus fine touch 2 cards. ]

Digital signage
Skip (skip) 20 points
Reverse (reverse) 20 points
+2 (Draw Two) 20 points
Wild (color change) 50 points
+4 (Wild Draw Four) 50 points

Hero Scoring:
Each round of losers hand card points in the winner account, the first 500 points can draw a pig for each of the other people, if exactly 500 points, each person to draw a pig. Draw all the points after the pig zero.

Mean score method:
Each round of losers hands card points in his account, first to 100 points were scored the lowest drawn a pig, if exactly 100 points, then give each pig painting. Draw all the points after the pig zero.

[Optional: Killer Uno
Based on the standard Uno, there are the following rules:

1. Unlimited touch card
If the player is out of the game, he or she has to touch the card or voluntarily touch the card. The player must keep playing the card until the card that can be released (non-functional card)
Get out
If the player has exactly the same hand as the current card (the same color or the same function card), but not the player currently plays, you can grab the card before the current card players out, that is, The chances of a regular player competing for a card. If successfully snatched out, the next home by the raider out of the card.
3. 0 card
If any player has a 0 card of any color, all players give their hand the card, that is, take the house card. Be careful not to hit 0 on the last card, otherwise you lose the advantage of taking home cards.
4. 0 red card
This rule uses the red 0 card as a +10 and touches 10 at home. The remaining three 0 card or in accordance with the rules above.
Quiet 2 cards
If any player has a 2 card out of any color, everyone can not make a sound (sneezing cough does not work). Vocal people have to fine touch 2 cards, and one of them will be dismissed forbidden after being fined. If not fined, it is forbidden to release until the original card is released again.
6. Grab 9
If any player has 9 colors out of any color, everyone will immediately be placed on the poker hand, and the last one to let go is fined 2. ]