Spiffygirl-How much time do you spend every day learning English?


I often ask them a few I think it is basic, basic to normal people did not think about the problem. One of the questions is "how much time do you spend your day learning English?"

The other side will usually answer: "I was thinking ... (did not answer my question) ... later to a certain class classes ... (or did not answer my question) ... my English really rotten ... (in the end do not Answer a few words ... "a lot, or did not say" in the end how much time every day to learn English. "

"So you are not really talking about English now?" I had to ask again.

"Ah ... ah ... oh because I am so busy, so ..." and then countless, Ngau Tau is not an excuse for the mouth.

I said: "Well, from today, at least ten minutes a day, read what English is good, back word is also OK, listen to empty English can also see the English film but the Chinese subtitles to cover up or open the English subtitles, Choose what English study books are casually you. Ten minutes, not less than ten minutes like, every day to do, concentrate on doing, so, come back after a month to ask me.

"But I do not know how to learn, I ... $% ︿ @% @ & ︿"

I still only tell each other: "Every day in English ten minutes, how to learn, learn anything casually you. A month later to ask me"

I have found that most of the people are not good at English. The most fundamental reason is that they are not "wrong" but "lazy" (or "only").

Yes, it is important to learn English, and it is important for the teacher to choose, and the teacher (who is willing to spend money to class) is also important; but if you do not even have the most basic "learn English every day" The What is the use of new materials? What does the teacher use?

I know, I know, you think "sit as well as" is a nonsense, but you do it?

There is not a good English person (not a native speaker) who does not learn English by effort; "effort" does not have to be "painful", but it must be paid for a long time.

I often hear the excuse is "I want to learn English, but I am too busy" - you really busy day even ten minutes of no free?

Another often heard the excuse is that "I want to learn English, but I do not know how to learn better" - said earlier, the first to develop the habit of learning English every day, to worry about how to learn, learn nothing late; Moreover, everyone learning the situation, the characteristics are not the same, you do not even try to try, how will know their own "how to learn better"

If so "really want to learn", how could even spend ten minutes a day to learn English can not do? How will all day call me to learn English I want to learn English, but never put into action, or less than a week to declare dead?

"I want to learn English", always ask, "I want to learn English" people, often just want to be a peace of mind; as if often said, often asked "learn English", will be able to make up Do not learn English at all.

Learning English can be very happy, but can not be too easy; learn English a lot of good ways, vary. But the most basic, you must first develop the habit of learning English every day, even if only three or five minutes or so; to develop this good habit, then talk about the method to make sense.