"21" rules of the game and gameplay

Players with the highest number of points wins, the points must be equal to or less than 21:00; over 21 players called bust. 2:00 to 10:00 cards in card with the points are calculated, J, Q, K of each of 10 points. A can be written as 1:00 or 11:00, if players bust due to A and then A can be counted as one point. When the hand when the A count as 11 points, the hand will be called "soft cards" (soft hand), because unless the player a chance to another card, or will not appear bust.
The dealer must be made before 17:00 cards, because there will be different rules for specific software or hardware to distinguish between 17:00 until 17:00 suspension.
Each player's goal is to get closest to 21 points to beat the dealer's cards, but at the same time to avoid the bust. It should be noted that, if the player bust earlier is lost, even if subsequently the dealer bust as well. If the player and the dealer have the same number of points, such a state is called "push", the player and the dealer are not winning or losing. Every game between the player and the dealer are independent, and therefore in the same inning, the dealer may lose some players, but also beat the other players.
Poker table is usually printed with the minimum and maximum bets, each with a limit per casino table may be different. After the first pen of credits bet, the dealer deal the cards, if the license from one or two of cards, called "pitch" the Board; more common is licensing from four of cards. Makers will be sent to each player and himself two cards, the dealer's two cards is there will be a point upward, "winning numbers", all players Jieke see, is another point down the "dark card . " If users four cards, when the licensing points will be up, if for the "pitch" the licensing hand points downward.
In American blackjack game, if the dealer's winning numbers are 10 A or value cards, the dealer will confirm whether he will form a dark card blackjack. This will be confirmed prior to all players choose, but will first ask ago (when insurance, in the winning numbers is A) whether the players need "insurance." If the dealer's cards is Blackjack (blackjack), then all players instant considered lost, the loss of the first bet on the chip, unless the player itself is blackjack, the same situation or the formation of push points. (In some American casinos, bookmakers with European rules, will not go to confirm the dark card before all players are shot. In this case, when the dealer's cards is opened blackjack, then all Blackjack players do not lose count.)
Two cards add up to 21 points (an A plus a value of 10 points cards) called "Blackjack" (black jack), the player has the deck automatically become the winner (unless the dealer also Blackjack holds that the same number of points it's called push). Blackjack players have to win 1.5 times the bet chips. Most casinos only pay 1.2 times the amount; but usually only when using a deck of cards to play gamble.
Usually every four to six cards to play until the play left a half or until the re-shuffle.