Texas Hold'em


Texas Hold'em does not use wild card, using only 52 cards, Throwing fast which is not draw poker game, each player is dealt two cards face down "cards", each player is a unique personal card, only " open the showdown. " The following description assumes familiarity with the general type of poker play and poker. Related topics, see the basics of poker, poker type, chance of poker and poker terminology.
Licensing Board for process [edit]
The first round before the first seat and decided to start licensing position.
Shuffling and cutting cards.
TheGong Zhu player's turn as blind blinds.
Each player is dealt two cards.
Pre-flop call note.
Three community cards issued after a pin card.
Note flop call.
Issue a public card (the turn) after a pin card.
Note shout turn.
The board issued a pin after a card (the river).
Note shout river.
If not more than two fold than the size of the showdown,Napoleon the total prize money allocated by the outcome.
The end of the round, the dealer position obedient order to move under a clock for the next round.

Seat allocation and licensing order 
Usually poker tournament seats were collected randomly assigned, except as otherwise provided in the poker room, the private game more than the size of the draw to decide the starting order and second seat a dealer position. Draw method selected bit of a card issued per person, who is able to get the biggest card makers, when there are two or more able to get the biggest card (than color), draw again until one of the players alone greatly starting Makers. After each round, the dealer sequentially clockwise rotation among the players. After the blinds (blinds) and cut licensed for licensing, regardless of whether the exclusive licensing by the dealer or player, chosen by buttons (button) position under the house (small blind), the obedient clockwise distributed per a total of two rounds, each participating player will receive two cards. Howard Lederer its teaching DVD: Secrets of No-Limit Hold'em as suggested by the players when the dealer's cards were issued by the dealer on top shuffle home from home on the dealer were cut card to reduce the risk of Row Sevencheating.

Bet order 
"Pre-flop" called the first round of betting (preflop), players from the big blind at home began to shout note (if no blinds, the player was left of the dealer, such as when one, by first calling the big blind Note), in a clockwise direction to continue.
Each circle will continue until each call NOTE players have one of the following three states:
Fold (fold), that is, give up and cover their handGrab neighbor, discard the chips into the pot quit the council.
Invested with all the other players have not folded the same amount of chips.
All in (all-in), put all the remaining chips.
After the "pre-flop" betting the end, if there are not at least two players fold, office reloactionto prevent cheating, the dealer must first uppermost deck of cards in a card table covered invalid (This action is called pin card (Burn card)), and then issue on the table at the same time opened three community cards, and then start the second round ( "flop", flop) bet. After this round of betting and are not yet covered by the first card of the player after the dealer started (small blind), in a clockwise direction to continue to call note.
After the "flop" betting ends, the dealer must then pin cards issued another community card, known as "the turn" (turn) (or "Fourth Street"), started the third round of betting. Then the dealer must re-pin card, issue a final community card, known as the "river" (river) (or "Fifth Street"), after the start of the fourth round of betting. If more than one player does not fold to the last shall showdown than the size (showdown).