Flip cards

Let the audience choose a card, and players do not look at themselves, let audience this card back into the entire pair of poker. Then poker players to throw to the desktop, this card will be revealed face up on the ground.
Cleared of cards, so that everyone can Card show see you are not tampered with prior to playing cards. (Do not explain this, just shuffle it)
In the hands of the cards fanned open. Let a spectator choose a card.
When viewers see the cards, you have to quickly two simple steps:
1) rapidly to the bottom of the debut card, pay attention to the face. Now you're in the hands of poker King hilltop cards and other card toward reversed.
2) the whole decks over, and now poker hands reverse the direction of your confusion, but because the top dawg cards face down, so it still looks very regular deck of cards.
Now pick up the deck, so that the audience put their selected card goes back into playing cards. (Be careful not to expand the sign face, because that viewers will find that your hands are actually a reverse order card)
The whole turn the cards over the top of a face turn that card, it's consistent All A orientation and other cards.
Browse the whole cards, goes to find face-down, that is inserted into the audience goes.
Next is the big finale, Lost this trick it more interesting.
Put this card into the top, Drunkards from above, firmly grasp the whole of the cards, you will want to throw it horizontally on the desktop. But first put on the card and goes back out of half a centimeter of distance (use your hand to block the move). Then from 6 to 7 meters in height to throw the desktop card, goes on top of the card (ie, the audience selected card) will turn out. See this scene, we will find it very interesting.
There is an alternative way of ending. That goes to the top of the card is turned a face, it's consistent orientation and other cards. Down the whole cards, he A gathering told the audience that you have found the piece and place it on the cards flipped over. Then the whole of the cards fanned out, they are the only election goes the opposite hand. (If you put the cards face down the whole open, reveal that card face up, the result should be better) Anyway, a smart audience will soon see through this method, since you have mentioned for them might be a clue.
End of Change:
Replace the last three steps 20 quotes on writing by JK Rowling above the magic, let the audience imagine they had chosen their own cards will flip out, and then search the whole of the cards, find the poker goes. (Be careful not to let Emily go there all the long opposite flat cards!)