Not after reading literacy flash cards

10 months from the beginning, I have consciously teach her to read. I gave her a lot of babies given magazines, cards, Manuscripts As a result, she immediately asked me to read her the story above, songs. I sometimes deliberately not read her, so she worried, said fast literacy, understanding his words would be read, do not ask her mother read to you. It has been a keen interest in literacy. She literacy much later, not satisfied with her small picture book, the word often requires us to buy her books to read.

Almost 5 years old,diver and before a word do not know, but it does not prevent him from reading. He will ask the adults to tell him on several times, it basically can repeat down. Literacy card can develop imaginationSometimes watching paint their own series out of a story to tell us. I recently found his kindergarten teacher teaching them the card read, but not the slow progress, ultra already know a lot of words. But I found that he recently do not bother to see what books, pick he knew that those words read, read a book put fling, then do not look at anything else. I think literate but let him not be readLiteracy card you must bring confidence.

Expert opinion

To read as the goal, it is to read the word of tools to help reading literacy card; with literacy as the goal, the book has become a tool of literacy, which is the child of another feature of the newly discovered book, so reading seem further away from the childFind the method the baby to see literacy learning cards .

Adult literacy think your child is to make him read, but the child's goal is to build up interaction with adults.Baby to see literacy learning card method That is, when the act itself literacy for children to be encouraged, this kind of accomplishment is very easy for him to temporarily lock the target on literacy. Children temporarily from the target due to slow progress in reading, but the child literacy card faster. With his amount of literacy and understanding of the accumulation of word meaning, Teach your baby to create a literate card library the child has the ability to go out not only to study the state of literacy. If this time we can actively guide, he will re-embark on a higher reading level road.