Easy card movement - pull the card from a thin air

Seems to pull the card from a thin air, which easily sets the guide card one of the classic and enjoyable basic moves.

Do not be fooled by the simplicity of this simple card trick. This is very visible and can become a real reputation maker.

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This first-rate move is timeless, and you will be able to perform an impressive card making effortlessly and confidently, following this simple manual guide.

Effect: Amazing viewers react because even though it is clear that your hand is empty, you seem to be behind the ears, under the poker table, or even from the air Kaka.

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You will need: 1) a deck of cards 2) practice, practice, practice.

How to act:

Place your palm in the palm of your hand
A small stack of cards should be held in the palm of your hand. Choose some cards that you feel comfortable with. There is no need to hold many cards (try to figure out how many cards you plan to make and calculate them)

Hold the edge of the bag with your fingers and peel off the top card with your thumb.
Grab the edge of the bag with your fingers and peel the top card with your thumb.

Push the card up with your thumb and hold it with your thumb and your finger.
Continue to use the thumb to move the card to the viewer's field of view between the thumb and forefinger.

Move the card forward, as if reaching out to grab something from the air.
While you turn the card, your hand should be tilted slightly forward as if the card were caught in the air

Continue to make cards from the air.
Continue to make cards from the air in this way, throwing each card to the audience, and then making the next card the same way it was made of magic.

Practicing this technique in front of the mirror, seeing it from the viewer's eye, and getting the best perspective to perform the trick.

UNO Basic Rules

Uno is the meaning of "One" in Italian or Spanish. Standard Uno consists of red, yellow, blue and green four colors, including:

0 a total of four for each color
1-9 2 pieces for each color 72 pieces in total

The following is a function card:
Skip (Skipping) 2 of 8 for each color
Reverse A total of 8 sheets of 2 sheets per color
+2 (Draw Two) There are 2 pieces for each color
Wild (color change) No color a total of four
+4 (Wild Draw Four) No color a total of four
Total 108 Zhang

basic rules:

Uno can be played by 2-8 players, each touching seven cards before the start, and then playing the cards clockwise (left-hand) from the first person. The cards must be the same color or number as the card from home, Or a function card (see the "function card" rules below).

If there is a pair of cards, that is, function numbers with the same or same color numbers, you can go out one at a time and the next one will not be affected by a pair of cards.

If the player can not play cards this round touch a card, if the card into the card can not be a card and not a functional card, you can pre-emptive cards before the next card, do not wait for the next round. Players can also choose to take the initiative even if there is a licensing card can be out, but grab the card after the snatch can only be this round of touch into the card.

The first winner of the card in the hands of the winner, but the last card can not be a functional card, if the player's hand in the last one for the function card, even if the original round can be out of the card must also be in the wheel.

The player must say "Uno" (Uno) when they play the last 2 cards in the hand, and if anyone finds that the player has only one card and does not call Uno, the player must touch 2 cards , But if the player in front of others found Uno can be removed without penalty.
If the card touch finished, you can wash out the card out after the touch.

[Optional: If there are players who give advice to other players, the player is fine with 2 shots. ]
[Optional: If there is a player wrong card, then the player fine touch 2. ]

Function card:
Skip: Only with the same color or other color Skip, the dealer's next round stop card.

Reverse: Only with the same color or other color Reverse, the reversal of the direction of the card, from the original card of the dealer started playing.
+2, only with the same color card or other color +2 card, the dealer's home must be fine touch 2 cards and the current stop card. The following ways to avoid the arrival of +2:
+2 after the +2, Penalty count to the next house, if there are two +2, then touch the house under the four cards and stop the round.
After the same color +2 Skip, +2 jump to next home.
After +2 the same color of the Reverse, the +2 back to the house.
After +2 +4, Penalty accumulated to the next house, if there are two +2 and a +4, then the next fine touch 8 cards and stop the round.
The power of +2 vanishes when a player fines and the next house of Penalty continues with the same card with the same +2 color as the last. Can not be other colors +2 or Skip / Reverse (+2 in the process may be someone out of the Skip / Reverse)

Wild: You can play any card other than +2 or +4. The dealer specifies a color, and the player continues to play cards according to the specified color.

+4: Can exit at any time, the dealer's home must be fine touch 4 cards and the current stop card. The dealer specifies a color, under the home of the next home according to the specified color to continue the card. Only +4 after +4 to avoid the +4, Penalty accumulated to the next home.
[Optional: +4 cards must be out of your hand when other cards are out of the game. Those with +4 cards can not follow this rule, but you can challenge the next card with a +4 card On the home, being challenged on the house must give the hand to see the card at home. If the home did not comply with the rules, that is, there is a card out there is also a +4, the penalty by the home, the next home can be spared; if the home is indeed abide by the rules, On the plus fine touch 2 cards. ]

Digital signage
Skip (skip) 20 points
Reverse (reverse) 20 points
+2 (Draw Two) 20 points
Wild (color change) 50 points
+4 (Wild Draw Four) 50 points

Hero Scoring:
Each round of losers hand card points in the winner account, the first 500 points can draw a pig for each of the other people, if exactly 500 points, each person to draw a pig. Draw all the points after the pig zero.

Mean score method:
Each round of losers hands card points in his account, first to 100 points were scored the lowest drawn a pig, if exactly 100 points, then give each pig painting. Draw all the points after the pig zero.

[Optional: Killer Uno
Based on the standard Uno, there are the following rules:

1. Unlimited touch card
If the player is out of the game, he or she has to touch the card or voluntarily touch the card. The player must keep playing the card until the card that can be released (non-functional card)
Get out
If the player has exactly the same hand as the current card (the same color or the same function card), but not the player currently plays, you can grab the card before the current card players out, that is, The chances of a regular player competing for a card. If successfully snatched out, the next home by the raider out of the card.
3. 0 card
If any player has a 0 card of any color, all players give their hand the card, that is, take the house card. Be careful not to hit 0 on the last card, otherwise you lose the advantage of taking home cards.
4. 0 red card
This rule uses the red 0 card as a +10 and touches 10 at home. The remaining three 0 card or in accordance with the rules above.
Quiet 2 cards
If any player has a 2 card out of any color, everyone can not make a sound (sneezing cough does not work). Vocal people have to fine touch 2 cards, and one of them will be dismissed forbidden after being fined. If not fined, it is forbidden to release until the original card is released again.
6. Grab 9
If any player has 9 colors out of any color, everyone will immediately be placed on the poker hand, and the last one to let go is fined 2. ]

Spiffygirl-How much time do you spend every day learning English?


I often ask them a few I think it is basic, basic to normal people did not think about the problem. One of the questions is "how much time do you spend your day learning English?"

The other side will usually answer: "I was thinking ... (did not answer my question) ... later to a certain class classes ... (or did not answer my question) ... my English really rotten ... (in the end do not Answer a few words ... "a lot, or did not say" in the end how much time every day to learn English. "

"So you are not really talking about English now?" I had to ask again.

"Ah ... ah ... oh because I am so busy, so ..." and then countless, Ngau Tau is not an excuse for the mouth.

I said: "Well, from today, at least ten minutes a day, read what English is good, back word is also OK, listen to empty English can also see the English film but the Chinese subtitles to cover up or open the English subtitles, Choose what English study books are casually you. Ten minutes, not less than ten minutes like, every day to do, concentrate on doing, so, come back after a month to ask me.

"But I do not know how to learn, I ... $% ︿ @% @ & ︿"

I still only tell each other: "Every day in English ten minutes, how to learn, learn anything casually you. A month later to ask me"

I have found that most of the people are not good at English. The most fundamental reason is that they are not "wrong" but "lazy" (or "only").

Yes, it is important to learn English, and it is important for the teacher to choose, and the teacher (who is willing to spend money to class) is also important; but if you do not even have the most basic "learn English every day" The What is the use of new materials? What does the teacher use?

I know, I know, you think "sit as well as" is a nonsense, but you do it?

There is not a good English person (not a native speaker) who does not learn English by effort; "effort" does not have to be "painful", but it must be paid for a long time.

I often hear the excuse is "I want to learn English, but I am too busy" - you really busy day even ten minutes of no free?

Another often heard the excuse is that "I want to learn English, but I do not know how to learn better" - said earlier, the first to develop the habit of learning English every day, to worry about how to learn, learn nothing late; Moreover, everyone learning the situation, the characteristics are not the same, you do not even try to try, how will know their own "how to learn better"

If so "really want to learn", how could even spend ten minutes a day to learn English can not do? How will all day call me to learn English I want to learn English, but never put into action, or less than a week to declare dead?

"I want to learn English", always ask, "I want to learn English" people, often just want to be a peace of mind; as if often said, often asked "learn English", will be able to make up Do not learn English at all.

Learning English can be very happy, but can not be too easy; learn English a lot of good ways, vary. But the most basic, you must first develop the habit of learning English every day, even if only three or five minutes or so; to develop this good habit, then talk about the method to make sense.

"Stud" rules of the game and gameplay

2012-11-14 This article expert: Nongfushangquan a little sweet Stud poker game props, supports 2-5 people while playing, five cards each. The number of cards from 7 to start (2-6 removing and king size), the game belongs to the category Stud competitive game, so you must use a virtual currency.

        Stud poker game props, supports 2-5 people while playing, five cards each. The number of cards from 7 to start (2-6 removing and king size), the game belongs to the category Stud competitive game, so you must use a virtual currency.
Rules of the game (where there are many games are played, some 7 A can, some can not, some two, there may be a hundred people) but the rules are pretty much the same.
Stud game supports multiple players simultaneously playing when there are two players to sit down and raise their hands, you can start the game. At this time other players can not join this game tables.
Game cards are issued to each one and a winning numbers, only the player himself can see the hole cards, the winning numbers for all to see. Starting from second card, each issued a license to the sign face greater priority, to bet (can also be "no bet" button). After there is a bet that other people want to continue playing, according to "call" key, or select "Call" button (each card only once per chance filling, add the same table with the size of 5 people level related), if want to licensing, press "give up" key to abandon the current Board, previously had been with the chips, you can not get it back.
Each time the same bet after the licensing situation, sent to a third card when allowed to "Stud" That is the pressure on all the chips,
Stud game when 3 or more, the total pressure rules are as follows: A, B, C three games, A 100,000, 50,000 B, C 10,000 after all three Stud, win if A, then B and C all lost to A. If B win, then lose 50,000 A, C all lose. If C win, then lose 10 000 A, B lost 10,000. The last winner to get all the chips on the table of this Council "Total Note" is.
Stud process if the user dropped after strong back or not within the specified time on a connection, silver will be deducted on the desktop system. A stud as a, B abandon C call, assuming A break at this time and there is no connection in the specified time, or strong back, then 100,000 silver coins on the desktop will be deducted the entire system.

"21" rules of the game and gameplay

Players with the highest number of points wins, the points must be equal to or less than 21:00; over 21 players called bust. 2:00 to 10:00 cards in card with the points are calculated, J, Q, K of each of 10 points. A can be written as 1:00 or 11:00, if players bust due to A and then A can be counted as one point. When the hand when the A count as 11 points, the hand will be called "soft cards" (soft hand), because unless the player a chance to another card, or will not appear bust.
The dealer must be made before 17:00 cards, because there will be different rules for specific software or hardware to distinguish between 17:00 until 17:00 suspension.
Each player's goal is to get closest to 21 points to beat the dealer's cards, but at the same time to avoid the bust. It should be noted that, if the player bust earlier is lost, even if subsequently the dealer bust as well. If the player and the dealer have the same number of points, such a state is called "push", the player and the dealer are not winning or losing. Every game between the player and the dealer are independent, and therefore in the same inning, the dealer may lose some players, but also beat the other players.
Poker table is usually printed with the minimum and maximum bets, each with a limit per casino table may be different. After the first pen of credits bet, the dealer deal the cards, if the license from one or two of cards, called "pitch" the Board; more common is licensing from four of cards. Makers will be sent to each player and himself two cards, the dealer's two cards is there will be a point upward, "winning numbers", all players Jieke see, is another point down the "dark card . " If users four cards, when the licensing points will be up, if for the "pitch" the licensing hand points downward.
In American blackjack game, if the dealer's winning numbers are 10 A or value cards, the dealer will confirm whether he will form a dark card blackjack. This will be confirmed prior to all players choose, but will first ask ago (when insurance, in the winning numbers is A) whether the players need "insurance." If the dealer's cards is Blackjack (blackjack), then all players instant considered lost, the loss of the first bet on the chip, unless the player itself is blackjack, the same situation or the formation of push points. (In some American casinos, bookmakers with European rules, will not go to confirm the dark card before all players are shot. In this case, when the dealer's cards is opened blackjack, then all Blackjack players do not lose count.)
Two cards add up to 21 points (an A plus a value of 10 points cards) called "Blackjack" (black jack), the player has the deck automatically become the winner (unless the dealer also Blackjack holds that the same number of points it's called push). Blackjack players have to win 1.5 times the bet chips. Most casinos only pay 1.2 times the amount; but usually only when using a deck of cards to play gamble.
Usually every four to six cards to play until the play left a half or until the re-shuffle.

Texas Hold'em


Texas Hold'em does not use wild card, using only 52 cards, Throwing fast which is not draw poker game, each player is dealt two cards face down "cards", each player is a unique personal card, only " open the showdown. " The following description assumes familiarity with the general type of poker play and poker. Related topics, see the basics of poker, poker type, chance of poker and poker terminology.
Licensing Board for process [edit]
The first round before the first seat and decided to start licensing position.
Shuffling and cutting cards.
TheGong Zhu player's turn as blind blinds.
Each player is dealt two cards.
Pre-flop call note.
Three community cards issued after a pin card.
Note flop call.
Issue a public card (the turn) after a pin card.
Note shout turn.
The board issued a pin after a card (the river).
Note shout river.
If not more than two fold than the size of the showdown,Napoleon the total prize money allocated by the outcome.
The end of the round, the dealer position obedient order to move under a clock for the next round.

Seat allocation and licensing order 
Usually poker tournament seats were collected randomly assigned, except as otherwise provided in the poker room, the private game more than the size of the draw to decide the starting order and second seat a dealer position. Draw method selected bit of a card issued per person, who is able to get the biggest card makers, when there are two or more able to get the biggest card (than color), draw again until one of the players alone greatly starting Makers. After each round, the dealer sequentially clockwise rotation among the players. After the blinds (blinds) and cut licensed for licensing, regardless of whether the exclusive licensing by the dealer or player, chosen by buttons (button) position under the house (small blind), the obedient clockwise distributed per a total of two rounds, each participating player will receive two cards. Howard Lederer its teaching DVD: Secrets of No-Limit Hold'em as suggested by the players when the dealer's cards were issued by the dealer on top shuffle home from home on the dealer were cut card to reduce the risk of Row Sevencheating.

Bet order 
"Pre-flop" called the first round of betting (preflop), players from the big blind at home began to shout note (if no blinds, the player was left of the dealer, such as when one, by first calling the big blind Note), in a clockwise direction to continue.
Each circle will continue until each call NOTE players have one of the following three states:
Fold (fold), that is, give up and cover their handGrab neighbor, discard the chips into the pot quit the council.
Invested with all the other players have not folded the same amount of chips.
All in (all-in), put all the remaining chips.
After the "pre-flop" betting the end, if there are not at least two players fold, office reloactionto prevent cheating, the dealer must first uppermost deck of cards in a card table covered invalid (This action is called pin card (Burn card)), and then issue on the table at the same time opened three community cards, and then start the second round ( "flop", flop) bet. After this round of betting and are not yet covered by the first card of the player after the dealer started (small blind), in a clockwise direction to continue to call note.
After the "flop" betting ends, the dealer must then pin cards issued another community card, known as "the turn" (turn) (or "Fourth Street"), started the third round of betting. Then the dealer must re-pin card, issue a final community card, known as the "river" (river) (or "Fifth Street"), after the start of the fourth round of betting. If more than one player does not fold to the last shall showdown than the size (showdown).

Flip cards

Let the audience choose a card, and players do not look at themselves, let audience this card back into the entire pair of poker. Then poker players to throw to the desktop, this card will be revealed face up on the ground.
Cleared of cards, so that everyone can Card show see you are not tampered with prior to playing cards. (Do not explain this, just shuffle it)
In the hands of the cards fanned open. Let a spectator choose a card.
When viewers see the cards, you have to quickly two simple steps:
1) rapidly to the bottom of the debut card, pay attention to the face. Now you're in the hands of poker King hilltop cards and other card toward reversed.
2) the whole decks over, and now poker hands reverse the direction of your confusion, but because the top dawg cards face down, so it still looks very regular deck of cards.
Now pick up the deck, so that the audience put their selected card goes back into playing cards. (Be careful not to expand the sign face, because that viewers will find that your hands are actually a reverse order card)
The whole turn the cards over the top of a face turn that card, it's consistent All A orientation and other cards.
Browse the whole cards, goes to find face-down, that is inserted into the audience goes.
Next is the big finale, Lost this trick it more interesting.
Put this card into the top, Drunkards from above, firmly grasp the whole of the cards, you will want to throw it horizontally on the desktop. But first put on the card and goes back out of half a centimeter of distance (use your hand to block the move). Then from 6 to 7 meters in height to throw the desktop card, goes on top of the card (ie, the audience selected card) will turn out. See this scene, we will find it very interesting.
There is an alternative way of ending. That goes to the top of the card is turned a face, it's consistent orientation and other cards. Down the whole cards, he A gathering told the audience that you have found the piece and place it on the cards flipped over. Then the whole of the cards fanned out, they are the only election goes the opposite hand. (If you put the cards face down the whole open, reveal that card face up, the result should be better) Anyway, a smart audience will soon see through this method, since you have mentioned for them might be a clue.
End of Change:
Replace the last three steps 20 quotes on writing by JK Rowling above the magic, let the audience imagine they had chosen their own cards will flip out, and then search the whole of the cards, find the poker goes. (Be careful not to let Emily go there all the long opposite flat cards!)